Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day #43(I blog yet again)

So today was fairly uneventful I went to math class ;P and survived. Tonight I think I'm gonna do a Vlog so that it can be up tomorrow morning cause I wont be here tomorrow, I'm helping out on a friends film shoot. Speaking of film shoots, I actually just got back from doing some location scouting for my movie and I tell ya it's gonna be a doozy....whoo hoo. Anyways that was my day.

P.S. I found out a big monkey urt someone today :( Bad big monkeys.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day #42 (I did a Blog....yay!)

So I have become severely addicted to, i love it so much. I'm begging a new series with it about me and my friend Nick and our little conversations.

Speaking of Nick and I. We ran 3 miles tonight ;P that's after we've only run about a mile and a half every other day. It was a killer and we sprinted at the end......why do we hurt ourselves so?

Today was perty awesome I didn't have to do anything till 6:00 tonight and that was just acting class which is super easy.

I go back to Kung-Fu tomorrow night and get to learn some new stuff. I can't wait for that and then the rest of this weekend is gonna be super busy, as I am the Assistant Director for one of my friends movies.

Days #38, #39, #40 & #41 (I've gotten bad at blogging)

Sooo as you can tell I've been a bad blogger and haven't posted anything in forever. I feel terible about it. So much has happened that I really should be recording everyday unless something is physically holding me back from my computer, like a big monkey. Although I don't really know how many big monkies there are near here, or where one could purchase a big monkey......but I digress.

This weekend we began the production season with a bang. My friend, Mary, shot first and did a stand up job. I shoot in like 3 weeks and I'm geting kind of nervous about it. I still have a lot of pre-production that I need done, me and my lazy behind better get on it. Anywho I'm officially starting Kung-Fu, I took 2 classes and loved it so that has become my new big thing. I can't wait to do it like every weekend. Alright so that's really all that has happened if anything happens today I'll update tonight......unless that stupid monkey gets me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day #37 (I love Kung-Fu!!!)

S o today began the production season, which basically means no sleeping in on weekends for about two months ;P

I also started taking a Kung-Fu class today. I was awwwwsome :D I love it soo much. I have taken Karate for 7 years or so and loved it but my school where i train is back home in Texas and I'm in Tenn, so I can't go. But I recently found out about this Kung-Fu school and i'm gonna begin to go there more often and train with them. Tis the best stuff ever :)

Hoping for a good week for one and all :)

Day #36 (again the morning after)

So okay quick update on my dream and what happened yesterday.

My dream was really strange. I was the son of in this family of four, I was younger than I am now, like about 12ish. And my family got rid of ghosts and spirits from houses. So we were trying to do that for our grandmas house but she ended up getting possessed causing the sister to get possessed, who caused the mom to get possessed, which made the Dad go crazy. I made it out with the help of our black cook, we fought all the spirit people off with pool sticks and then got out of the house and ran over the dad........strange dream.

Then i went to a Kung-Fu school to see what it was like but the adult session was not happening that night so I'm going back tonight. Update on that tonight.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day #35 (It was...windy?)

Yes so, my Wednesday was windy. I was so happy that I didn't have one of my classes yesterday so I did a vlog and chilled for most of the day, until 6:00. Then I went to acting class and had fun doin stuff there. Then that night me and my friend ran a mile hard. Then sitting back exhausted I went to bed earlyish and had the freaking weirdest dream I'll update tonight ;P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Days #32, #33 & #34 (Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!)

I AM SOOOOO SORRY FOR NOT BLOGGING! Seriously though it's been three day and I haven't done a blog. I've been super busy but I should always be able to have time to sit down at my computuer and do one of these a day. Okay so enough about that let me catch you guys up.

So we have our video up as i said in my last post, and for two day it was the 45th most watched video in Ireland in the Film & Animation category :D, so what does that mean for us?!.................well nothing really, but we can always say that that . That video has over 3, 500 hit's and growing. We've had over a thousand hits a day. Okay so enough about the video.

I got this thing called the Perfect Pull-up and it's really awesome. You don't have to screw it into your wall, you just hook it in your door frame when your gonna use it and then take it down when your done. I love it and use it all the time now.

The weather here has been sooooo frakin awesome! It's just perfect about 60-65 and with a slight cool breeze. It makes me want to go all over the world and hug people and say "Let's go and play together, and frolick in the fields withought a care in the world." But alas it cannot be.

I casted my Production II his weekend, well I casted my main character at least. I can't wait to shoot it but I really need to start getting all my Preproduction homework for it, done.

Anywho that's about it, I'm definitely gonna do my best to write a blog tonight when my day is done. Thanks if you read all this :)