Friday, February 13, 2009

Day #36 (again the morning after)

So okay quick update on my dream and what happened yesterday.

My dream was really strange. I was the son of in this family of four, I was younger than I am now, like about 12ish. And my family got rid of ghosts and spirits from houses. So we were trying to do that for our grandmas house but she ended up getting possessed causing the sister to get possessed, who caused the mom to get possessed, which made the Dad go crazy. I made it out with the help of our black cook, we fought all the spirit people off with pool sticks and then got out of the house and ran over the dad........strange dream.

Then i went to a Kung-Fu school to see what it was like but the adult session was not happening that night so I'm going back tonight. Update on that tonight.



  1. Haha what the heck that's crazy. Dreams are so strange

  2. black cook. you racist.

    lol JK

    sounds like a movie waiting to happen.

  3. You scared me for a minute there Drew lol Whew!

    I thought the same thing though.