Saturday, February 7, 2009

Days #30 & #31 (We did it!)

Okay so I'm covering two days cause the internet was down here at the school ;P

Friday was great! I made a vlog in the morning in a public place (my school), I auditioned roles for my film for most of the day, then we shot our film that we had been planning for a while here's a link to it I hope you enjoy it. It has to do with Christian Bales freak out, that he had on set of the Terminator. Here's the link If the link doesn't work, go on YouTube, type in Eric Night Films, go to our channel and it's our featured video (Watch it in hight quality, it's way better) Realize there is a ton of language in it that personally don't condone. Then after we shot it we went to a party and had a bunch of fun everyone there was completely wasted as usual, except for me since I don't drink. I had to take one of my closest friends back to the dorms cause he was barely able to walk. But he was better today, albeit, a little hung over lol.

Today was awesome as well. The weather was beautiful and so I got to whip out my bike and ride it around for a while. Then I helped a friend out with his project for a little while. Tonight I went to a friends house and hung out with him and some of his friends, who were both really awesome. Then we got back and uploaded the video. Whoo! a long two days but so full of eventful things :)

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  1. Yay! The Christian Bale thing is a right laugh. He's so crazy.