Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Days #38, #39, #40 & #41 (I've gotten bad at blogging)

Sooo as you can tell I've been a bad blogger and haven't posted anything in forever. I feel terible about it. So much has happened that I really should be recording everyday unless something is physically holding me back from my computer, like a big monkey. Although I don't really know how many big monkies there are near here, or where one could purchase a big monkey......but I digress.

This weekend we began the production season with a bang. My friend, Mary, shot first and did a stand up job. I shoot in like 3 weeks and I'm geting kind of nervous about it. I still have a lot of pre-production that I need done, me and my lazy behind better get on it. Anywho I'm officially starting Kung-Fu, I took 2 classes and loved it so that has become my new big thing. I can't wait to do it like every weekend. Alright so that's really all that has happened if anything happens today I'll update tonight......unless that stupid monkey gets me.


  1. Hahah of all the things that would be physically holding you back... a big monkey!? :P

  2. It just so happens that there's a Big Monkey Emporium that's having a sale not too far away. But you gotta get there fast - they're selling like hotcakes! ;)