Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Days #32, #33 & #34 (Gaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!)

I AM SOOOOO SORRY FOR NOT BLOGGING! Seriously though it's been three day and I haven't done a blog. I've been super busy but I should always be able to have time to sit down at my computuer and do one of these a day. Okay so enough about that let me catch you guys up.

So we have our video up as i said in my last post, and for two day it was the 45th most watched video in Ireland in the Film & Animation category :D, so what does that mean for us?!.................well nothing really, but we can always say that that . That video has over 3, 500 hit's and growing. We've had over a thousand hits a day. Okay so enough about the video.

I got this thing called the Perfect Pull-up and it's really awesome. You don't have to screw it into your wall, you just hook it in your door frame when your gonna use it and then take it down when your done. I love it and use it all the time now.

The weather here has been sooooo frakin awesome! It's just perfect about 60-65 and with a slight cool breeze. It makes me want to go all over the world and hug people and say "Let's go and play together, and frolick in the fields withought a care in the world." But alas it cannot be.

I casted my Production II his weekend, well I casted my main character at least. I can't wait to shoot it but I really need to start getting all my Preproduction homework for it, done.

Anywho that's about it, I'm definitely gonna do my best to write a blog tonight when my day is done. Thanks if you read all this :)


  1. Lucky. We've been dying from the humidity in New Zealand

  2. Shame on you! jk, I went even longer!

    It was amazingly warm all the way up here too and I felt the same way! We can frolic together, albeit in spirit. :)