Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day #11 ( ahh the birds)

The day was quite nice today. Not quite an exciting pallet of things, but full. I went to church this morning by myself, two of my friends who normally come with me couldn't make it. I lazed about the rest of the day and watched Dead Man with Johnny Depp, which I have to say was quite awesome.

I took out my video camera and went around shooting birds with it and other random cold stuff. Then i went to eat Chinese buffet with my friends tonight. It was quite nice and we are all still currently very full, and don't want to touch food again. You know your full when sandwiches sound hard to eat ;P Good day none the less.


  1. you sooo have more of a life than me.. lol

  2. Ditto.

    I hate that full feeling eh. Soooo uncomfortable.