Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day #8 ( it was so cold today, I fear i may never have children )

So as you can probably tell from the title it was freezing today! It has been about 19 degrees or so all day. I thought my day would go by without incident, then as i walked by my car in the dorm parking lot, I noticed my front tire was completely flat.

Then I went through the incredible annoyance of trying to change my tire in freezing cold weather. After I had jacked my car up most of the way I noticed that the jack was not completely under the area it needed to be under and was bending like so > on the side it's not supposed to. I then tried to bring it back down but I realized I had already taken the tire off and the car would not sit back on the ground as I changed the jack out. So i raised it up higher and and frantically tried to put the other tire back on for fear that the jack would break and the car would fall and squish the beautiful life out of me. I fxed the tire and all fear went away.....and so had my "tinkle". This cold air sucks ;P


  1. hahahah. lmao.

    and about ur comment on my blog, i really don't have much of a life. sometimes everything happens all at once, it's weird.

  2. It was boiling today at Big Day Out - but then I froze at night, so you weren't the only one suffering from the cold